Entire Log Before 5/22/2018

Hey so I haven't actually added anything to the developer log. So here, I'll add every update since the very start of the game, which was a few months ago, on January 19.

1/19/2018 - Version 1.0.0 - Released game on the RM forums.

1/21/2018 - Version 1.1.0 - Added option to squash alien eggs, expanded ship, added boss, made monsters tougher (slightly)

1/22/2018 - Version 1.2.0 - Changed one actor's skills, fixed one mistake, added some dialogue after boss

1/28/2018 - Version 2.0.0 - "Items" is now first option on menu, screen tint while in alien world, added more to the spaceship, fixed an accuracy issue.

1/28/2018 - Version 2.1.0 - Font color changed slightly, small glitch when leveling up, title screen scrolls slower

1/30/2018 - Version 2.2.0 - Changed a couple of music tracks, changed battle transition, added a new battleback, slightly changed the look of one alien, added some dialogue with a somewhat intelligent alien after the boss, I will improve it later, changed the icon for the death state, all aliens may now inflict the state Sick, which is like poison. The harder the alien, the more likely it will inflict the state.

1/31/2018 - Version 2.3.0 - Logo was changed, the menu got a complete revamp.

2/1/2018 - Version 2.4.0 - The appearance of the enemies was completely changed, the dialogue at the start was changed somewhat.

2/1/2018 - Version 2.4.1 - Fixed one game crashing bug.

2/1/2018 - Version 2.5.0 - I changed a lot of the dialogue, and changed the boss music.

2/10/2018 - Version 3.0.0 - Download was changed to an RAR file. This is to speed up the download and make uploading easier, and RAR files are smaller. Characters were changed dramatically. See the character section for what I mean. An error was fixed in battle where both enemies would flash instead of just one. Windowskin was changed. New scripts were added, including a smooth cursor and camera! Removed free movement. You can still walk diagonally. Changed the spaceship layout a bit. Got @Jchurch9 helping with my dialogue. Some of the dialogue has been changed thanks to him! Fixed a collision error or two. Fixed an error with the enemy scan ability that the second character has. It will now show the elements the enemy is weak to! Fixed a very small glitch for the armor descriptions. Enemies may now drop upgraded armor. It is a very rare drop, but the boss will always drop one suit! I made so many changes that I think I forgot one or two. If you see any others, remind me!

2/15/2018 - Version 3.1.0 - Changed more dialogue, added more alien eggs, changed alien world music, added anti-lag script, added a small sound effect as words are added in messages.

2/21/2018 - Version 3.2.0 - Changed alien world map, changed animations, changed a couple of skills, changed the Heat Vision skill to Scan, and it now lowers defense, changed the elements, changed the weapons of the characters, added a treasure chest in the small cave area. It holds a weapon. After the intro cutscenes, a HUD now displays things like HP and location, on the keyboard, A and S can now be pressed to change what actor is in front, changed game name, changed support banner.

2/27/2018 - Version 3.3.0 - Added content, including dialogue from my writer, changed one of the sounds

2/27/2018 - Version 3.3.1 - Changed game icon

3/4/2018 - Version 3.4.0 - Added a new scene at the beginning, with Eridanus briefly re-appearing, changed battle music

3/5/2018 - Version 3.5.0 - Added more content, changed spaceship map, changed download to a zip file

3/18/2018 - Version 4.0.0 - Changed dialogue so Pandora is a bit nicer, alien world tint was changed VERY slightly, some of the item and weapons descriptions were changed, fixed a typo that slipped past me, added instructions to the battle on how to fight

4/2/2018 - Version 5.0.0 - Changed all skill and item descriptions. Added more content. Changed battleback.

4/7/2018 - Version 5.1.0 - Changed title screen. Changed intro cutscene. Changed battle music. Changed boss music. Fixed fatal bug that froze the game. Changed description for "scan". Changed the cave map. Bosses do two to three hits less often.

4/13/2018 - Version 5.1.1 - Changed boss battle music, changed fire graphic when ship is on fire, and also, when Pandora and Nova are sleeping, they have a sleeping pose. I added healing items before the second boss.

4/16/2018 - Version 5.2.0 - Changed enemy and actor sprites. Thanks to @Starmage for making the new actor sprites and one of the new enemies. NOTE: The animated battlers script has two issues, none of which crash the game, it is where the pop ups are off center for the actors and the enemy collapse effect is broken. I am working on fixing those.

4/16/2018 - Version 5.2.1 - Changed the animated battlers script to fix a couple of issues. Also changed the battles so that only the battleback is tinted.

4/19/2018 - Version 5.3.0 - Changed some dialogue. Fixed a passability issue. Added options menu. Added a cheat system with "cheat bots" from the options menu. Added rating splash screen. Changed the silence speech balloon.

4/20/2018 - Version 5.3.1 - Changed almost all speech balloons.

4/23/2018 - Version 6.0.0 - Changed the intro window at the beginning. Added a very small scene where they get on the ship. Removed a part of the tutorial. Made Nova slightly weaker and Pandora's Scan ability is now stronger. Reduced encounter rates. Fixed an issue with the eggs. Fixed a passability issue. Fixed a dialogue issue.

4/29/2018 - Version 7.0.0 - Changed title screen, changed character appearance dramatically, added mouse script, changed battle music, changed boss music, changed music at the beginning scene, changed the battler script until new battlers are created.

5/4/2018 - Version 7.1.0 - Changed enemy sprites (credit to @SmashArt!), and changed portrait for Andromeda in one place. Also busts appear in battle.

5/21/2018 - Version 7.2.0 - Changed Pandora's appearance. Changed class from "Spy" to "Sniper". Changed a small amount of the dialogue at the beginning to show that Pandora is a sniper, not a biologist.

Wow, I have come pretty far!!

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